Enabling organisations keep up with the ever increasing demand for accurate and current information on Workforce Performance.

With over 120 standard Report, Chart and Dashboard templates, an endless   array of interactive data presentation and analytics can   be delivered across the  business, from the   Executive Team to Team  Leaders, serving the needs of  HR, Finance and   Operations.

CPM’s Metrics Builder seamlessly  transforms proprietary Payroll and  HCM data into crucial manager  centric Business Intelligence   Analytics for both  Strategic   and Operational decision   support.

Easily gain access to current Demographic data and trends, Staff Retention and Attrition Statistics, Workforce Utilisation and Cost Analysis. CPM Management Studio is delivered pre-built with Analytics for Staff Demographics, Leave Liability, Absenteeism, Workforce Hours/Cost/FTE, Attrition, Remuneration, Trending, Comparative Analysis. As a comprehensive Turn Key solution, rich Analytics can start being delivered in days as opposed to weeks or even months.  A scalable pricing model makes CPM accessible to almost any size of organisation from 200 employees to 30,000+.

The over 120 available Templates can be configured within the system to deliver any HCM or Payroll data as easily interpreted information obvious visualisations. The configuration tools enable new visualisations, reports or queries to be created in minutes without the need for developers.   All client configurations are preserved with any subsequent solution upgrade.
For over 15 years HRIT have partnered some of New Zealand and Australias leaders in Manufacturing,Energy, Health, State and Local Government, Insurance and Telecommunications in understanding their Workforce in both makeup and utilisation.

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