Human Resource Information Technologists Ltd (HRIT) was established to specialise in exactly that, to be Technologists in the utilisation and management reporting of the vast array of information held within Human Resource and Payroll systems


Welcome to HRIT's company Website.  HRIT are focused on supplying cost effective Workforce Metric Reporting and Human Resource Enabling Solutions.  We invite you to browse our site and learn more about our products, services and personnel.  We are also keen to share our views on the merits of effective Management Reporting and the utilisation of technology to support informed business improvement initiatives
to partner our clients in unlocking the true potential of their Human Resource and Payroll Systems and to provide creative and intuitive solutions which enable the client to deliver critical Workforce Analyses and Performance Measures to the business in a manner that is dynamic, flexible and easy to understand.

Company Profile
HRIT Limited ( Human Resource Information Technologists ) commenced operation on the 3rd of April 2000.

HRIT was established to take the opportunity to help organisations realise the value of their HRIS Systems and to assist these organisations increase the return on their investment.
 With any business solution, the true value of the system lies within the quality of the information, and it is this area that HRIT specialise.  The challenge for any organisation has always been  the ability to provide its decision makers with the information they require in a format that can be easily interpreted

HRIT's flagship product is
CPM Management Studio© , a comprehensive Web Based Management Reporting and Dashboard solution which is both flexible and easy to use. It is built upon Microsofts powerful SQL Server Database engine using Reporting Services and ASP.Net for deployment on an organisations intranet..

In October of 2000 HRIT released their first Workforce Metric solution EIS Reporter Central©, a Management Reporting framework focused on generating and distributing key strategic Reports.  The reports are delivered as ‘Active Reports’ which allowed for the manipulation of the reports and presentation by the end user.

Such was the success of the design and ease of both implementation and use, it was adopted by a number of New Zealands leading organisations.

In August of 2008 HRIT embarked on a significant redevelopment of its original EIS Reporter Central© . which was to become CPM Management Studio© .

By leveraging off the expertise gained from over 10 years of providing Workforce Metric solutions,  HRIT were able to 'shrink-wrap' the historically expensive task of creating a HR focused Data Warehouse Reporting Solution into a cost effective and simple to use application, CPM Management Studio© .

The system was a complete rewrite, taking the best of what EIS Reporter Central©
had to offer whilst incorporating all of the additional features is clients had been looking for.  It also included a sophisticated Workforce Metric Dashboard targeted at providing meaningful Metric results to the Executive.

The system was released in March of 2009 and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback with the solution providing an instant return on investment and gaining favour with levels of Management.
HRIT have now clearly established themselves as a leading provider of Workforce Metric Solutions to the New Zealand market, as well as remaining 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

In 2003 HRIT released
SRM Central© , a Salary Review Management (CPM) System to provide for the on-line facilitation of the Salary Review Process.  The SRM System enables the on-line recommendation of Salary increases as well as approval and tracking facilities.

In January of 2011 the Salary Review Management (SRM) System was also completely rewritten and incorporated into the latest version of
CPM Management Studio© .  Now businesses have a single solution to deliver their strategic Workforce and Remuneration initiatives.

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