An endless array of interactive data presentation and analytics can be delivered across the business

The Report Studio manages the on-line viewing and analysis of the information.  The Report Studio is built around a library of Report and Chart definitions. 

Using the extensive library of Templates
CPM Management Studio© offers an almost limitless number of Charting and Reporting options. Through the Report Manager, the Templates can be linked to any of the Workforce Metric Tables to create distinct Reporting and Charting options.   Using a data driven design, each distinct Report or Chart can Filtered, Sliced and Diced on any of the Data elements found in the Metric Table.  The information reported is also limited to users profile so that they only see the information they have access to
All Reports and Charts are designed to be used by users of any ability.  Any data field can be used in the Report or Chart content, or applied as a Filter to create a more specialised view,  whether for an Overtime Analysis, Costs by a Department, Leave taken by a single Employee or Leavers by Gender.

Complex requests for information can now be delivered in minutes through the simple selection of a few fields and the application of a couple of filters.  One of the unique features of the 
CPM Management Studio© Reporting Engine is the ability to save each combination of Field Selections and Filters as a 'Favourite'.  Using Favourites regular requests can be generated each month by the single click of a mouse.  All Favourites saved by a user are also organised onto a single Favourites Menu to give each user a simple access point for all of their regular Reports and Charts
CPM Management Studio© offers a number of transformation and banding options when generating the Metric Tables and building the Reports/ Charts. 

The Banding features allow for user-defined groupings such as Age Bands or Salary Bands for use in Diversity and Attrition Analysis, or Days Banding for grouping of Days Taken for the Year, or number of Days Leave owing.  As well as being used as a Reportable Item the Banding elements can also be used as filters.  This provides the opportunity to easily create Reports or Charts based on exception Reporting, ie Staff with more than 30 Days Annual Leave owing, or those who have Taken more than 10 Days Sick Leave in a Year or worked more than 30 Hours overtime in a Month.

The Banding Data Elements can be used in conjunction with any other Data Element contained in the Metric Table.

Never has it been easier to identify where the Leave Liability issues are, or which areas of the business are facing Ageing Workforce challenges, the Age brackets where attrition is high.
A number of specialised Templates are also included which offer comprehensive Workforce Reporting options such as the Staff Attrition Template which includes the Opening Balance for the start of the Reporting Period, the number of Starters and Leavers within the Reporting period, the Nett Change for the reporting Period, the Average Service Length of All Staff for the dissection, the Average Service Length of the Leavers for the Dissection and the % Attrition Rate for the Reporting Period.  In this example the Attrition Figures are being shown for user defined Age Bands.