Salary Review Studio facilitates an intuative and effortless on-line Salary Review process

The Salary Review Studio provides for the on-line facilitation of the Salary Review Process allowing for both the on-line recommendation of Salary increases as well as incorporating an approval and tracking process.

Using numerous configurable settings the Salary Review Studio can be easily adapted on site to meet a clients specific Remuneration Strategy, whether Base Salary only, Total Fixed Remuneration, Matrix Driven increases, Multiple Banding/Policy Line support, multi-Budget.  Another key feature is the flexible Process Control design where the Review can be launched and closed progressively as Business Units, Divisions, Countries are ready to go.

A full history of previous Reviews performed through the Salary Review Studio are also available at the time of performing the current Review.
When performing the actual Employee Review a Remuneration Summary Statement Form can be displayed.  It is through this form that recommended increases can be made.  These can be as either a % Increase or a specified Salary.  There is also the facility to enter a Lump Sum or One Off Payment.  The Lump Sum Payment may or may not be included in the Review Summary Totals.

The sophisticated calculation engine will automatically recalculate all Percentage Based Allowances and Superannuation Contributions based on the new Salary.  Where the Salary Review policy is based on Total Fixed Remuneration the %age increases are applied against the Total Fixed Remuneration, with the Package being 'unbundled' and all %age derived Package components, such as Superannuation, are all dynamically recalculated to ensure the %age increase entered is preserved.

As well as being able to make recommendations on the Summary Statement form, recommended increases can also be made from the summary list of Reviewees.  As increases are being recommended, the Total %age spend is being calculated and compared against the Budget.  Where One Off Payments are also granted during the Review process, these One Off Payments can also be allocated against the Budget.

Fundamental to the Salary Review Studio is the use of its own Authorisation hierarchy which uses a simple four layer model of : 
  • Approving Designate
    • Authorising Designate
      • Reviewing Designate
        • Review Group
          • Reviewed Employee
Using Review Groups allows for an extremely flexible Review Process as the Salary Review Studio  is not linked to any specific Organisational Chart or tree structure so divergent paths of Approval can be used for each Review Group.

Using CPM Management Studio©  BI Engine it allows for almost all key tables to be imported directly into the Salary Review Studio from existing HRIS and Payroll Systems. The importing of key data can be scheduled to happen Weekly, Daily or even Hourly.

By being part of the
CPM Management Studio©  overall Database, a wide range of Reports and Charts are available through the Reporting Framework as well as limitless Reporting Options via Excel or any other third party reporting tool.

The key focus of the Salary Review Studio©  is to :
  • Provide a standard method performing the Salary Review Process
  • Be simple to use by the end user
  • Expedite the Salary Review through on-line access
  • Enable on-line tracking of the Review Process
  • Draw on information held within existing HRIS systems
Benefits that the Salary Review Studio© system provides :
  • A standard Review Process and consistent returns
  • Control over the quality of Reviews through exception highlights and warnings
  • Professional and easy to use presentation
  • Easily adapted on site for specific requirements
  • On-line access to previous Review Details

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