Get to fully understand your Workforce with Survey Studio

The Survey Studio provides a flexible framework from which to perform any number of customised Surveys and Reviews such as Talent Surveys, Climate Surveys, Performance Reviews, 360 Surveys, Diversity Studies.  An Employee Portal allows for easy access for Employee responses.

The Survey Studio has an adaptable framework which allows for the creation of a wide range of Surveys and Reviews.  No longer are different applications and methods required to undertake various Surveys, whether Talent Identification Surveys, Diversity Studies, Climate Surveys, Performance Reviews, Remuneration Studies.
Surveys can be created for Employee respondents, Manager respondents or both Employee and Manager.  Responses can be as a score, a percentage or a textual response from a dropdown list.  Even when using textual responses, the range of options can vary from Objective to Objective.

Another feature of the Survey Manager is that various profiles can be created where different Questions or Objectives can be set based on an Employees Profile. That way target responses can be sort from Management Staff, Sales Staff or Support Staff.  All setup options are customisable from client to client.

When completing Surveys and Reviews, commentary can be added by both Managers and Employees for each Question/Objective as well as an overall comment..
Questions and Objectives can be grouped together when building a Survey Template. The Grouping allow for simplifying the response process as well as enabling further targeted analysis of responses.
As each group of responses is completed the group header tab turns green.  There is no requirement for a Survey or Review to be completed fully at one time.  Employees and Managers both, can return to any open Survey or Review and complete sections at their discretion.

For each Question/Objective there is also the ability to add supporting dialogue to assist in gaining an accurate result such descriptions of what the Measure or Target for Object is and what Actions are required to achieve the Objective or task.

The same design fundamentals are used for the Survey Manager that are found in the Incentive and Bonus Manager  which are :

  • Provide a standard method for under taking Surveys and Reviews
  • Be simple to use by the end user
  • Expedite both Surveys and Reviews through on-line access
  • Use of Templates for rapid build and replication
  • Draw on information held within existing HRIS systems

Benefits that the Survey Manager system provides :

  • A standard Survey and Review format for consistent delivery
  • Profile driven Templates allowing varied responses for different groups
  • Professional and easy to use presentation
  • Easily adapted on site for specific requirements
  • On-line access to previous Survey and Review Data
  • Performance Reviews results can be linked to Annual Salary Review
  • Powerful analytical Reporting and Charting
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